Police say a woman from Louisville, Kentucky created Facebook profiles for at least eight young cancer patients in an effort generate donations and rip off sympathetic people. 21-year-old Crystal Vanarsdale allegedly used these fake identities to solicit money for herself.

None of the cancer patients or their families had any idea what Vanarsdale was up to and it’s not clear how police tracked her down.

Police say Vanarsdale confessed to the crimes although she apparently collected very little money. She was arrested and charged with eight counts of identity theft.


20-year-old Dominique Abelard got Face-Busted!

Apparently 20-year-old Dominique Abelard missed that funny little “Thou Shou Not Steal” commandment during a church meeting at a Connecticut hotel. Hotel surveillance video shows her and another woman taking up their own special collection – stealing six purses from women who were attending religious services at the hotel.

One of the victims posted the hotel surveillance pics of these two purse-snatching sinners on her Facebook Page. When Dominique saw her face on Facebook, she called the woman and begged her to take the offending pictures down.

The woman told the police about the call and they made the arrest. Abelard was charged with larceny and illegal use of a credit card. The other woman in the photos has yet to be identified.

Murderer Rachel Wade: Social Media made me do it!

The sensationalist American media machine is having a field day with a vicious young woman who stabbed another girl to death and now blames social media. 21-year-old Rachel Wade stabbed a romantic rival to death in April 2009 and now the knife-wielding lunatic is blaming social media.

Luckily, she will be in jail until at least 2031. Several news stories romanticize this murder with how a war of words of the Internet turned into a street side massacre.

Let’s face it, Rachel Wade didn’t stab the victim with her mouse, she used a blade. It was only a matter of time before she maimed the mailman for delivering bills or butchered the barista for serving a cold cup of joe.

Facebook is proving to be a critical tool for criminal investigations. More and more, law-enforcement agencies are the following digital trails left behind on Facebook, Twitter and text messaging to solve crimes and bring crime fighting into the computer age. Many investigators claim that Facebook photos are becoming critical pieces of evidence in an increasing number of cases.

Courtesy of: Port Huron Times Herald
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Hate groups adopting "Social Media"

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The Philadelphia Police Department is now searching for the 10 Most Wanted criminals in the city using a Facebook page to post its most infamous “Video Villains.”

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Cyber scammers swiped $4,600 from a Sacramento grandmother who thought she was helping out her granddaughter. Pat Blucher got a frantic phone call indicating that her granddaughter had been arrested in Canada. The caller laced the conversation with family facts and personal information that Blucher believed was lifted off her Facebook page. Turns out that her granddaughter was not in trouble, but Grandma had already wired thousands to Canada.

Courtesy of the Seattle Times
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